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You frogs are going wild which is probably why this board is quiet. maybe I have it wrong but it seems you all are on to something. I just wanted to show my support for you all.I wonder how the banks will jew their way out of the bank run?

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Unfortunately, the Gilets Jaunes don't have much support from existing political parties or even from Unions.
Macron's Great Debate has started. Basically he's willing to speak to the mayors, even from small towns, to everyone, except the Gilets Jaunes.

A couple days ago PM Philippe said he thought the RIC was "stupid". It's actually the main demand from the Gilets Jaunes : a referendum by popular initiative.
Sorry for maybe broken english : they want a referendum or plebiscite decided by the people themselves (for example, if more than 500k persons sign for it online, the State has to run a ballot, and the decision of the people becomes a law)

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Macron is now illegitimate and will fear for his life at some point, it's just escalating quickly, people were outside even on Christmas week.
There will be just that warm Saturday, when all the peoples would have decided to go out.

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