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After a few months of intensive research and trial and error in the cannabis field. I was able to develop the ultimate E-liquid, ultra strong, ultra concentrated, maintaining the full profile of the plant to allow both therapeutic and recreational use while preserving its health.

I write you the most complete tutorial possible, consider this as my Christmas present and do not hesitate to share all that a maximum so that it is available to the greatest number and promote harm reduction.

Easy, economical, complete, not dangerous, quick to do … A few drops are enough!

Necessary material :

- Cannabis resin or flowers
- 2 glass jars
- A glass bowl without asperities
- The most concentrated isopropyl alcohol possible (99.9 …%)
- Coffee filters or industrial filtering screen
- Some elastics
- A hair dryer or hot plate at less than 40 ° Celsius
- 400 peg and vegetable glycerin
- A normal oven or microwave if you have that ca
- A needle


First you must decarboxylate your cannabis, turn THCa into THC. This step is very important because an electronic cigarette will not heat your liquid enough to allow you to get the full effects.

To do this, I propose several methods:

Ghetto method no time: place your hashish 2 minutes in the microwave at 900w, it will be decarboxylated but much of the component will be destroyed. The stoned will be more hardcore because it will remain mostly THC and not the complete profile of the plant that balances the whole. There will be as little taste.

Method in 1h: Place your hashich / flowers 1h at 110 ° in the oven, at this temperature, the profile of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids is maintained even if there are still some losses.

Ultimate method: Place your hash / flowers 4h at 60 ° in the oven, perfect method, everything is maintained, cannabis is perfectly decarboxylate and all components are kept intact.

Supreme method: Cannabis naturally decarboxylates with time when placed in good conditions. Leave your flowers / hash 1 year after the cup in a box of glass or wood in the shelter of light at a temperature above 20 °. It's like good wine.

After decarboxylation, place your cannabis in the glass jar and cover with isopropyl alcohol.

For the hash: shake well until complete dissolution, place 2h at the freezer, exit and resubmit vigorously. Then start the filtration.
For the weed: do not shake right away, avoid picking chlorophyl which gives a bad taste. Place two hours in the freezer, take out, shake vigorously 30 seconds (it is to separate the trichomes from the flowers without taking a max of chlorophyle) and begin the filtration.

For filtration, you can place a kind filter coffee filter or better if you find around a jar held by rubber bands and wait patiently.

Beware of vapors that remain flammable and that give headache. Find yourself a mask if you are indoors.

Once everything is well filtered, place the alcohol in a small bowl and let it evaporate gently at low temperature (less than 40 °) by placing a hair dryer over it, not too strong in the bain-marie, all night one above. radiator…

It is very important to make sure that all the alcohol is well evaporated or the final product may give headaches and a bad taste in the mouth.

The final product must no longer be liquid at all, it must have the shape of a wax very thick and very sticky. To separate everything, use a small steel utensil to stir the oil well and separate everything. Take your time here because it's really an important step. The oil must contain no bubbles and no smell of alcohol vapor.

Once your oil has the right appearance, you can add Peg-400 (80%) and Vegetable Glycerin (20%).

It is important to use Peg-400 and not conventional propylene glycol because the latter will produce a less stable and less concentrated emulsion which will result in a final product of lower quality and concentration. With the Peg-400 you can really get a potent product. We are talking here about emulsion because the oil is only very slightly soluble in these solvents. Vegetable glycerin is here mainly to make smoke.

Use about 1ml of liquid for 500mg of hashish (3cm long and 1cm wide and 2mm thick is about 1g of hash if you do not have a balance).
For weed between 1g and 10g per ml see depending on the quality and desired power.

Mix the liquid 80% Peg-400/20% VG directly in the bowl in which the oil is contained and stir well with a small steel utensil until a homogeneous liquid is obtained.

Aspirate with a syringe to transfer to a standard flask

ID: 4ffe0 No.287

Aspirate with a syringe to pour into a conventional e-liquid vial to more easily recharge your electronic cigarette.

You can use this THC e-liquid in most e-cigarettes, but cellucotton wick atomizers tend to heat up very hard and get clogged up and burn out quite quickly. When conventional resistances they contain almost all a ceramic alloy that can be dangerous for the lungs, especially with this kind of liquid that tend to heat up a little in such high concentrations by depositing particles of silica in the lungs that accumulate without possibility for the body to eliminate them.

The best solution to smoke this liquid and mount yourself your atomizer with 300microns stainless steel bits.

You will need a RDA (Rebuildable drip atomizer) with 28 or 30 gauge wire and a kind of 300 micron stainless steel industrial screen.

Cut out two rectangle of 4cm long and 2cm wide, burn all that by the blue flame torch, put in water to lower the temperature directly and fix the carbon on the steel to no longer be conductive. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Wrap the sheet around a knitting pin about 2mm diameter, put the classic e-liquid on it and let it burn until there is nothing. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Leave the strands on the hairpin and make 4 or 5 turns around with the 28 or 30 gauge nickel wire as tight as possible without touching it.

Fit your RDA and with that you will have a durable atomizer to smoke this e-liquid THC without your lungs, with a great taste, a big smoke and a powerful high.

Here you have fun and spin!

+ here is the video to do the mesh

ID: 63a02 No.288

Damn Anon! Sounds badass

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Preparing your favorite drug with a large quantity of alcohol…

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